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WHO ARE WE?  We are Better Daze , "The Life Enjoyment Brand". A black-owned clothing brand with aspirations to create a brand that inspires people of all generations,  to have fun, enjoy life and be great!

 To show acts of love, kindness, and happiness. To give laughter, to spread knowledge, to show positive vibes, and give a helping hand. As well as pay it forward, by giving back to thoses who follow behind you.  

Better Daze is not just a brand its a lifestyle!  Founded in 2016 in a downstairs basement, by a 25 year old Upstate, NY woman; who had a vision to create a brand that not only  respresents her and her imagination of what life should be, but a life we all should want for ourselves.  A life of ease, fun, and TRAVEL! 

 Although life is a bunch of trials and tribulations as we know, we must not give up. To always keep our heads above water , push through,  and remember "Joy comes in the morning and Better Daze are coming!" 

 So live life , love, laugh. Be kind, create memories, and most importantly, be authentic!  Walking in your purpose and always showing  up as the best verison of yourself, is how you stand out.

Better Daze

The Life Enjoyment Brand

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